Delivery URL returning a 415 when sending woocoomerce webhook data


We have transactional emails added, now need to send new order information from woocommerce webhooks to hubspot.

The sample post url is returning a 415 error, when tested the link in postman the error said an email id was missing. Can you give me an example of the correct post url, I can use with woocommerce webhooks?

Thank you in advance


@kayemcmc are you sending the webhook directly to the hubspot server?


thank you so much for getting back to me! we would like to send the webhook to a single email api template, so the data is inserted into the email tokens, and it triggers once a purchase is made in woocommerce.


@kayemcmc if you are sending it straight from their servers to ours the data is most likely not formatted properly. You need to catch the webhook first and then re-format it to be accepted into the hubspot servers.


Do you by chance have any documentation on how to integrate wordpress specifically with hubspots single send api? I have come across several php libraries that help integrate wordpress with hubspot but I am finding little information on the single send api’s thank you so much in advance!


@kayemcmc Here is the documentation we have on how to format your single-send calls.

The documentation should be language agnostic. If you run into any specific issues on building it out please let me know


I am thinking the best way to go about doing this is to integrate Hubspots Contact API with Woocoomerce Shopping Cart, that way we can set up the fields tokens from woocommerce in Hubspot then use those tokens for the single send api, does that sound about right? Thanks!


@kayemcmc That is one way you can do it. We have a number of partners who have built out that integration already if you don’t want to do it yourself. You can check out for example