Dependent Fields Issues with Salesforce Integration



We are trying to integrate Hubspot with Salesforce but we are having an issue with Dependent Fields, this is the situation:

We have 1 Field that regarding its value shows 2 different dependent fields with a specific set of options, I´ve mapped both fields to the same field on Salesforce and works fine when a customer contact us for the first time, but the problem is that if the same customer contact us again and choose another option and that option is part of the other dependent field, Salesforce doesnt update the value.

The mapping setup is to use the most recent value, but i assume that Salesforce doesnt update because is not the same field that is updated.

Can you give me a hand on that?



Hi @Victor_Celis,

The Salesforce-HubSpot integration is supported by our Support team; I would recommend reaching out to them for help with this issue. You can contact them by phone at 1 888-482-7768 x3 or via email by clicking on the ‘Help’ widget in your portal.


Would you happen to have the email for the support team?

Thank you!


Hi @SriyaaShah,

There isn't a direct email; you'll need to navigate to the support tools in your portal by clicking on the 'Help' widget at the bottom right of your portal. You can also check out the HubSpot Community for support from HubSpotters and other HubSpot customers.