Deployment process for private app?


I’m a newbie here… We are going to be using the marketing, blog, crm and possibly website hosting capabilities of Hubspot. My task will be to migrate some of our existing platform over to hubspot, and build the integrations that allow the joint system to function going forward.

I’m missing part of the big picture about how to do this. Does portal = hubspot account? How do I address my API requests to my account/data?


@ddraper Yes a portal equals a HubSpot account. I would check out the API docs.

There are two ways you can address your calls to your portal.

  1. HAPI Key
  2. OAUTH

The docs will walk you through how you can set up either.

If you want to test some things out you could look into setting up a Dev portal first so you don’t have to mess with your actual portal until you have your solution working the way you want it to.

Here are some links as well to help:
Auth Overview:
OAUTH overview:
Sign up page for a dev portal:|20e606fd-fc0f-405c-8699-5d8611d5a6a3


Thank you @pmanca — I discovered where I could create an HAPI key for my account in the marketing tool — now the pieces make sense. (BTW, I was looking at the API docs, and it was very easy to create a test portal — it just wasn’t clear how that related to my app.)