Dev Portal Not Displaying SMTP Tokens


Need a developer to look into why I can’t see my SMTP tokens that have been created via the API.


Hi @jwn

I took a look at that portal, and there aren’t any existing SMTP tokens, created through the API or otherwise.

Do you have an existing token that you created? And if you do, can you message me with the details you have for the token?


Now that I look at it, the hub id we are using doesn’t match that smtp-testing portal. We are using the hub id of the developer-portal 3013759 and the HAPI key (940*****) that goes with it.

At one point, someone from hubspot setup the smtp-testing portal for us so we could view the smtp tokens of the developers-portal. Obviously it doesn’t work.

Can you help us view the 100s of API smtp tokens created using hub id 3013759 and the HAPI key (940*****)?


If I switch my hub id to the smtp-testing portal, how do I get a HAPI key so I can use the api to generate tokens?


Any thoughts on this? How do I get a HAPI key for


Ok, Evan showed me how to generate the API key. I can now see the tokens created via the API. Unfortunately, no emails are sent. When I click the token, all I see is

“Hold on. Your email sending capabilities are on hold for a while due to a deliverability concern. A member of the HubSpot email team will contact you soon.”


Forum based tech support for paying customers doesn’t really work.


Hi @jwn, sorry for the delay here, but I was working with Evan directly on this and thought we had sorted out the issues here. If you’re still seeing any problems please me know.

Going over some of the questions here:
SMTP tokens cannot be moved between portals, and the developer portal won’t be able to use the Content tools UI, so you’d need to generate new tokens for the separate test smtp-testing portal.

API keys are specific to each portal. The Developer HAPIkey you’d see in the developer account would only be used to access ome of the settings for the Workflows or Timeline API for apps you create, so you’d need to get a separate API key for the test portal. We have instructions for getting the API key here:

I believe the deliverability issues were sorted out for both portals at this point, but if you’re still seeing that error let me know which portal you’re seeing it for and we’ll take another look.


Yep, that solved the issue. I can now view the smtp tokens in the test portal and I get emails delivered.