Dev resource needed - exporting legacy HS data for SFDC migration


Hi. Our company is using Hubspot CRM and long-ago identified the need to migrate to Salesforce - even though we’re keeping Hubspot as the marketing automation platform. However, now that we’re ready to migrate, the timeline data at both the company and contact objects is “trapped” and Hubspot offers no viable solution for capturing this data (that is, activity before we enable the salesforce integration). They’ve directed us here to this community to find a resource who can help us achieve this very critical goal as soon as possible.


@RobbDukeDinova You can use our SF integration and see the timeline for the contacts in SF. Do you already have an instance of SFDC set up?


@pmanca thanks very much Peter. Unfortunately we can only see timeline after the integration is put in place, not before. We didn’t use SFDC a year ago, but now that we’re going, we need the *old& data as well as anything after the integration.


@RobbDukeDinova You won’t be able to see it before the integration is put in place. HubSpot at the moment does not have an API that allows you to pull the timeline data(except for custom timeline events you made). What old data are you referring too that you would need after the integration? If you are using the HubSpot Marketing tool the integration would be on-going right?


Yep - I know Hubspot doesn’t pull timeline data before the integration - but that’s what we really need - the calls/emails/activity history before we put the integration in place. And yep, after the integration is in place, we’d be able to get new activity. But it’s the activity before the integration we need. Make sense?


Peter I really appreciate you replying yesterday - do you have any more information for me by change (fingers crossed)? Or does anyone else? I really need assistance with this from a savvy Hubspot developer soon. Thanks!


@RobbDukeDinova I had reached out to our Product team to get a confirmation on it. The SF integration will bring over emails for the last 30 days and all forms. Any other activities you will not be able to bring over via the connector.

What are the other activities beyond emails/calls that you are trying to bring over. You might be able to use the APIs and build some of that back in yourself.


I’d say anything and everything that got tracked in the timeline we’d like to bring over to SFDC. Good to know we’ll get 30 days after plugging in connector, but we’ve got a year plus worth of activity we need from the timeline. The support folks have offered some articles but otherwise are kinda leaving us hanging without finding folks in the dev. community to help out.


@RobbDukeDinova Our API doesn’t expose the timeline data so there wouldn’t be a way to get that information into SFDC. (except for custom timeline events)


I guess I’m pretty confused at this point. I’ve been clear to Hubspot support about what we’re trying to do and what we need, and their response has been to read some documentation and come here. Reading your message, I am coming to realize that we may have zero access to the emails, calls, notes and other activities logged against contacts and or companies in the Hubspot CRM - and there is no way to get that same data imported into SFDC or any other CRM. Am I understanding that right - there is no developer who could help us, as I was led to believe by Hubspot support?


@RobbDukeDinova It really comes down to the types of information. If it is a Sales Activity like a Note/Call/Meeting/Task. Those can be pulled via the Engagements API(You’d have to do this). If it is a marketing activity then you wouldn’t be able to get that via the API or a developer.

You won’t be able to pull anything under Marketing. You can pull Notes from under Global. You can grab Messages/Calls/Sales Emails/Tasks/Meetings under Sales via the Engagements API. Under Integrations would be custom timeline events which can be pulled via the Timeline API.


@RobbDukeDinova Just to add on here, as @pmanca mentioned you can export all your CRM engagements data via the Engagements API. If you’re looking for some help on that, we already have an API connector built between Hubspot and Salesforce where you can migrate all your CRM data (Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Activities, Notes, Attachments) automatically.

If you’d like to give it a try, we do offer a free sample migration so you can ensure that it will work for you:


Really becoming disheartened by this thread. We are also searching for a dev resource to pull all activities out of a CRM since June 1, 2017.

The client has many contacts without emails. We uploaded them w/o realizing there were so many. Their sales team starting using the CRM then we were given additional data to add to the contacts already in the portal.

When we uploaded the additional data we had many duplicates due to the lack of email addresses.

Now we have a fresh data base fully scrubbed, all with emails or placeholder validated email. Before we can upload we need to delete all the previously imported contacts but we need to retain all the activity logged in the CRM. We only recently learned that it was not simple to export that data.

We have been told bu HubSpot support the data can be exported via the API.

I do not know what the Engagement API is or where to get it. Can you advise?

What/where is the checklist you posted a png of earlier in this thread?

It is distressing that in this thread you do not have any suggestions for dev resources to assist with this extraction of data.

It is any more distressing that this data in so inaccessible. It seems obvious that a company might want this data for a multitude of reasons not least of which could be importing into another CRM. We only discovered the data was inaccessible by searching the Knowledge Base for the methods to export it.

Can you or anyone on the forum provide any additional direction or assistance?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @karenatlmgresults,
I am an independant Hubspot developer, would you like to get in touch with me at hi [at] getlionel [dot] com to see if I can help?

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Hi there,

I’m currently struggling with the same issue. Our company will move from Hubspot Enterprise to ZOHO, hence I would like to expot ALL our data. This includes engagement data like logged calls, meetings, notes, etc. (all user related information).

I was told by Hubspot support to try export engagement data by performing a ‘get-command’. I only succeed in ‘getting’ all engagement data contact by contact. We’ve got tens of thousands contacts, I cannot perform a get-command for each contact separately.

Have you got any other suggestions for me?




I contracted with a dev team to use the HubSpot API to pull this data.

That team was able to leverage this information from HubSpot

to do the pull and then they gave me the data I needed in a CSV.

Here is some additional information I came across and shared with that dev team:

I do know the raw data came out as JSON and the dev team had to convert it for me to format it as a CSV. We also had to work through some additional cleanup in the final files. But we got it done and in the end I had all the data for the activities emails, notes, tasks, calls from the HubSpot CRM.

I hope this helps,