"Developer Info" for comments is missing user info



When using the developers information link, there are a few items missing from the comments module such as:

  • user_email
  • user_refferer
  • content_author_email
  • content_author_name

and others. Email is one of the required fields for someone to fill in when making a comment, is it possible to have this email be populated into the user_email field?


Hi @ajlaporte

Can you send me a link to the post you’re looking at?

Also, is there a specific reason you’re looking for that data in the Developer Info? If you’re looking for more details about comments, you could get that data programmatically using the Comments API:


Hey David,

No real reason other than trying to find a way to style comments of the author (as in an author response).

Is there way to grab this users ID? It would be easier to simply compare the user id for the commenter to the user id of the author and then if they match, add a second class onto the comment so you can call out author comments better.