Difference between Contact and Company



Hi i am new to the hubspot and need to integrate into my portal. But I am little bit confused that what is the difference between Contact and Companies. At what time one should create a company and contact in the portal.

I had got the api for creating an Batch contact. But is there any api present which can help me in creating a batch Company also.


Hi @ManishTrigunayak,

A contact is an object representing a specific individual. Contact records are unique by their email property, and each is intended to represent a person. Contact records can be emailed, enrolled in workflows, added to list, etc, and they can be associated to a single company record. A company is an object representing a specific company/organization. Company records are unique by their company domain property. Company records can be added to saved filters, and can be associated with a number of contact records.

Currently, there is no batch create endpoint for company records. There is only a batch update endpoint:


Hi @Derek_Gervais ,

Thanks for making it clear… :slight_smile: