Differences in gmail data when using hubspot api


I use the email event api to get data about the number of mail sent to customers for a selected time period
But the result returned is different from what is displayed on Hubspot UI
How to use the data when using API matches the display on the email analysis

The difference is quite high
I need to get the correct data to make the report
Please help me answer this issue, if you know how it works
Thanks very much!

The document may match the image above get by Email Events API

Email Report Data Discrepancy

Welcome, @Vi_Quyet.

Happy to help.

Could you share the following?

  1. Your Hub ID.
  2. A link to the email campaign you're seeing discrepancies with? (I want to compare the up-to-date API and UI data.)


Thanks Takushi,

i used url : url = "https://api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/events?" + str(offset) + "hapikey=my_key_api&eventType=SENT&startTimestamp=1543597200000&endTimestamp=1546189200000&limit=1000"

and get result = 4189 with time start = 12/01/2018 and time end = 31/12/2018

Differential results 4189 - 4155 = 34
Can you help me explain that difference ? Thanks so much!