Direct Link to contact using email parameter


Is there someway that I could link directly to a contact (assuming I am logged in) by using an email parameter in the URL?

For example if I use this URL as the base

Can I then add an email parameter onto the end such as

that would open the contact record in HubSpot?

The reason I ask is because I am trying to embed a HubSpot link into an internal system we have, in which we know the HubSpot email address. So I am trying to link dynamically to the user record in HubSpot.



Hi @Steve_Jenns

You can link to a contact by email using this URL format:{Hub ID}/contact/email/{email address}

As an example, linking to in Hub ID 62515:


Hi @dadams

I like that link, thanks!

The only problem is though that I have to pass the email as a parameter, so it will have a ? in front of it. Do you know if there is a URL I can use that would allow this?

So instead of

it would be something like

Thanks so much,