Disable Automatic De-Duplication



Hubspot automatically de-duplicates contact data entry via email address. Is there a way to see this de-duplication process occurring (a notification that this is about to occur or has just occurred or an option to approve / deny changes) or is it automated?

Does it merge the information (Ex: scanned business card has a duplicate email in the CRM, it updates a new phone number for the contact but the new scanned card does not contain an address, in the old version of the contact that is being updated there is currently an address, will the contact now be updated to have no address or will this information merge? )

And is there a way to turn this built in de-duplication off so I can Push the contacts through a more customizable 3rd party de-duplicator before storing them in my external database?

Thank You


Hi @MMajewski,

It's not currently possible to disable email deduplication; it happens automatically for all contact records updated in any way (e.g. form submissions, imports, etc.). If a form submission/import/etc. comes in with an email that already exists in the system, HubSpot will update the existing contact record instead of creating a new one with the same email address.