Disable email deduplication



I’m investigating on how/if we can migrate our systems into HubSpot CRM and I found that the first stopper is that contacts with the same email address are deduplicated into a single contact.

Due to the nature of our business, this won’t work for us because the same person might have different privacy settings with different entities that the system will manage.

Ideally, to have an easy 1-to-1 map from our system into HubSpot, the easiest way would be to replicate our structure where the same person can have different accounts with each individual entity. But this wouldn’t work with the email deduplication.

Any suggestion?


Hi @Kralizek,

It’s not currently possible to turn off email deduplication. The email property is used as a unique identifier throughout the HubSpot product. You might consider using deal objects to track different ‘accounts’, since a single contact can be associated with multiple deal records.