Disabling owner assignment notifications


We’re integrating external CRM data to HubSpot, mapping the HubSpot Owner ID from the CRM users. Marketers like using the features revolving around HubSpot owners, like the dashboard reports and ability to add custom owner signatures in their emails.

The downside to this is that sales reps get notified every time one of their contacts syncs into HubSpot. When we first turned on the integration for example, sales reps got bombarded with thousands of emails when all their contacts were created and assigned. Sales reps do not like being bombarded by emails, but they don’t want to opt out of HubSpot notifications either. They want lead revisit alerts, task notifications, etc. Even after an initial import, every time they create a new record in their external CRM, they get a notification email when the integration creates the HubSpot contact.

Are there any plans to allow more customization around the owner notifications? For example, allowing a parameter to disable notifications on individual API calls. I can see this notification issue continuing as a pain point for customers, so anything we can do to alleviate this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @lynton

Users can disable their assignment notifications from their notification settings:


They’re aware of the setting, but don’t want to unsubscribe from all notifications – only ones that synced from the API. I realize it’s a unique situation, but it’s becoming more of an issue for customers that are syncing their CRM owners to the HubSpot Owner field. I think they may be confused about the types of notifications as they probably dont need any assignment notifications since CRM is the system of record.