Disabling redirect in embedded forms




I have been trying to replicate the Lead Flow logic using the embedded Form API. I have set up that the form returns an inline text in the following scenarios:

  • using a form with a “Thank you message” on the form section of the hubspot GUI
  • using the inlineMessage parameter in the submitted forms
  • setting the redirect parameter to ‘’ with not ty message
  • setting up the redirect parameter to ‘’ and the inlineMessage parameter (I had to try even though the API says that I should not combine the two parameters)

During all these tests i constantly get redirected to “https://forms.hubspot.com/uploads/form/…”

Embedding the script is the ONLY option I have for implementation on the site and would need to find a way to disable the redirect.


@Jost can you post a link to the live page with the embedded form on it?


Hi @pmanca,

After some testing I found the issue. I was testing the implementation in GTM and it did not preview properly in Firefox which I was using for development, however in chrome it works percectly. In firefox (using GTM preview) I get a redirect to the url in the action attribute of the form.

Afterwards I setup a live test page on a test site. It worked on both browsers with no problems. Its quite a corner case and understandably its an issue with GTM compatibility and not hubspot.


@Jost Thanks for the update. I heard from Cian internally this morning that you DM’ed me as well. My apologies for not catching that sooner I don’t always follow my direct messages as quickly as I follow the general forum unless I am told to be on the lookout for one. I am glad that you have it working now.