Discover Org Webhook - Request for Integration Permissions error


I am using the DiscoverOrg webhook integration with HS CRM. I am an admin for both products and was able to set up HS as a CRM within DO and can seamlessly transfer contacts from DO to HS on my account.

When I attempted to set up the same thing on a teammate's account, I am receiving an error when I attempt to authorize HS on her DO account. It bounces me to her HS account and serves this error -

I reached out to DO support and they stated this was the problem -
I've seen this error message before. it's when Hubspot isn't connecting the API to that specific user. The only way to resolve the problem is to reach out to Hubspot Support.

Any advice on how to resolve? Please let me know if I can provide any more info. Thanks!


Hi @nnoll,

That error means the user trying to authorize the integration doesn't have permission to grant access to a scope being requested. For example, a user that does not have access to read/write all contacts will not be able to approve an integration requesting the contacts scope. The simplest way to get the integration installed is to have a Super Admin do the installation; a Super Admin will never run into this error, since they have full access to approve all scopes.

Short of that, I'd need to know which scopes the integration is requesting, and which user is trying to install the integration so I can compare the scopes/permissions.


Hey Derek,
Thanks so much for the response. I had thought it might be related to permissions so I opened them up and tested it that way but had no luck. Below is a screengrab of the permissions for the user that have been set up since before entering the ticket. Any thoughts on if anything should be changed?

I am a Super Admin and the integration does work for me. This user is not a Super Admin. Thanks!


Hey @Derek_Gervais - I spoke with Taylor and we determined that if a user is set up as a Super Admin, they will be able to use the webhook correctly. I would like to see if it's possible to assign people who are not super admins to be able to use the webhook. Most of our sales team needs the functionality and we would not want them to have the permissions of a super admin. Let me know if I can provide any more info and thanks for all of your help.


@nnoll - See my response on this post here:


Hey @Tim_Joyce_Belch ,

This is extremely helpful and I appreciate the info.

If I'm understanding correctly - the third-party (DiscoverOrg) would need to change the scope to accommodate how HS handles authentication?


@nnoll - The only way to ensure you don't run into this error is to either

  1. Make that second user a Super Administrator
  2. Change the programming so that every user of a portal is passing back and forth the Super Admin's auth_token.

It sounds like the portal that is trying to connect, has a configuration that doesn't match what the scopes require.
So, yes, removing any unnecessary scopes will definitely help in this situation


Thanks again @Tim_Joyce_Belch. Looks like I'll be moving this over to a discussion with the vendor. Thanks!