Discover Org webhook with HubSpot - does this have a down side?


Hi there, we are considering using the DiscoverOrg webhook to add additional information to our inbound lead flow before it they are passed to sales, create more granular smart lists, etc. Has anyone used the DiscoverOrg webhook? Since this is not an out of the box integration, and it will update all subscribers, I’m wondering if once deployed we will experience performance issues. Any insight or tips to set up beyond this article are appreciated.


Hey there, Katie. While I may be slightly biased as an employee of DiscoverOrg, I feel like I can shed some light on this for you.

With this feature, upon any inbound lead being created, the webhook will call DiscoverOrg’s database to append any additional information. Because this is happening per lead being created, we haven’t seen any performance issues in our clients’ instances of HubSpot. Even with large volumes of inbound leads, we haven’t seen any latency or performance issues in anybody’s orgs.

The setup and process to implement is very simple along with the help of my support team to setup.

Let us know if you need anything else or just give me us a call!


Thanks Ricky - I’ve contacted your support team.

If you have any examples of the HubSpot workflows that would be great also.