Discrepancies between Email Events API / Contact API and UI profile



My company is integrating with HubSpot. I am currently investigating a discrepancy my customer is reporting between the numbers they're seeing in HubSpot and the numbers we get from the Email Events API.

Looking at a given contact for example?

What are we missing? Are we looking at the correct endpoints?

(contactid and email redacted, happy to share over email)


Hi @pcothenet,

Off the top of my head, I don't know what you could be missing. Would you mind sharing links to a contact record or two you're seeing discrepancies with? (As long as I have your Hub ID and the contact VID, I'll be able to run the tests I need, but no one looking at this thread will be able to access the records.)


Thanks Isaac:

HubID: 442636
vid: 179010095


Hi @pcothenet,

Thank you for that information.

The Email Events API only returns results for marketing email events. Sales emails (sent on the contact record or via a connected inbox) events are not returned.

Contact 179010095 has only received sales emails (hence the values for hs_sales_email_last_opened and hs_sales_email_last_clicked).

Per Peter's response to this topic, you must use the Engagements API to gain more insight into sales emails, however open and click information cannot be pulled through the Engagements API at this time.


@Isaac_Takushi thanks for looking this up. We've looked at the Engagements API and I'm not seeing certain of the emails from the UI. Those of the email from the UI have title that really really look like marketing emails.

For example, for the record above, I can see an email titled "International Ecommerce Strategy: New tools..." in the UI. That looks like a marketing email and I can't find it in the Engagement API results.

Do you see that one as well?


Hi @pcothenet,

Are you referring to the click event on August 16, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT? If so, that refers to the contact clicking the link of the same name in the sales email with the subject " Call follow up - August 16, 2018." This was a sales email.

If you filter the contact's timeline by just Marketing emails (see screenshot below), no emails appear.


Thanks so much @Isaac_Takushi for the detailed answer. I believe that answers our questions at the moment.