Display an iFrame on Dynamics CRM Contact Record


We are in the process of integrating two HubSpot forms to Microsoft Dynamics CRM through ScribeOnline. As a stage in this integration, we are wanting to display an iFrame showing analytics from the Contact Property in HubSpot. The goal is that each iFrame (on the Contact Record in CRM) will show the analytics (i.e. email opens, email clicks, web pages visited, etc.) for the Sales Reps. How does this work, since each URL (for the iFrame on Dynamics) has to be unique? Also, could there be a button within the iFrame directing the Sales Reps back to HubSpot to see more analytics on the Contact Property?



Hi @company

We don’t have a way to iframe individual parts of the contact record. We do have a read-only public view for contacts that’s based on the older contact view, and that view can be iframed does not require logging in to view the contact. That public URL is in the profile-url when pulling the contact data through the API.



Thanks, David! How do I locate the exact URL?


The URL is going to be unique for each contact record, and would only be available by pulling the contact’s data using the Contacts API.