Display Deal Id in HubSpot CRM


My company wants to start using HubSpot as our CRM. I am a developer here and I have been asked to ‘make it work’ in our Sales/Sales Order process. Our current CRM has what is called a Sales Incident and each incident has a number. This number is used to link back to CRM/Incident/sales person as the order moves through our processes.

HubSpot has a Deal which could work but it looks like I can not display the Deal Id it via your GUI?? Is this true?

I could get it via the API.

So could this work…

Create a web hook on Deal creation and Create a new property under the Deal object called “Deal Id”.

Have my web Api App receive the web hook notification of Deal created with ID xxx

Call the Deal update API method back to our hubspot site and update the custom Deal Id property.

Could this work? Is there a better way??



Yes that is true on it won’t display in the GUI.

Your method is a good method but I have two quick points on it.

  1. Create the new Deal property first as it will carry through for all future deals so you don’t need to make it each time.
  2. Make sure your deal ID does not share the same internal name as our Deal ID to avoid issues down the road.


I’ve created a field on Deal Properties that I called “Deal ID”, so, I would like to make this field “auto” and sequencial like 000001, Is it possible? Thanks


@renatopm This is not possible solely with in HubSpot. You could keep track of the numbers in a different database and sync them up via the Deal API if this is a must have for you.