Displaying Contact Properties



Is there a way to display a contact’s specific property on a page if it exists. For example, if they have already entered their name in a form on a landing page. Can we later display Hello John Smith on a page elsewhere?


@revealio Are you hosting your site on HubSpot or on another CMS?


HubSpot… Basically I want to display a custom customer property (affiliateID) in a link. I get the affiliateID when they come to our site from an affiliate link (i.e. revealio.com?affiliateID=random). All landing pages have a short form with a hidden field that caputers the affiliateID and adds it to the customer property I have created. I later want to have a link on the page that looks like this:
<a href="www.order.revealio.com?affiliateID={{contact.affiliateID}}">Order Now</a>
I am hoping this will be able to display the affiliate ID.

I’d actually like it to check if there is an affiliateID and if so add the entire section ?affilateID={{contact.affiliateID}} but I am not sure how to do this.

Would this work and how can I create a conditional statement?


@revealio you can use our internal templating language HubL to create the conditional statements. Here is a link to the docs for that. I would read up here.