Displaying quantity(count) of subscribers on landing page



Is there any way to display on a landing page the number of subscribers to a current list? The goal of the landing page is to have people subscribe to the list and I’d like them to see that there are already xxx subscribers.
Anyway to automatically update that number from the actual total of list subscribers?


Hi @TRooInbound,

The Contact Lists API can return list size, so it’s possible that you could use that API to populate the current number of subscribers. Keep in mind that HubSpot does not support CORS/AJAX.


Yes, thanks for the information that you provided.
Can you please let me know that if HubSpot is not supported CORS/AJAX request, that what will it be used for?


Hi @TRooInbound,

While you can’t make client side requests to that endpoint, you can still make requests to your own server, which can then make the request to the HubSpot API.


hi can you help me I have the same problem i want to show on the landing page the number of subscribers... I am new with hubspot not to savvy also with codes thanks


Hi @kristine,

This solution wouldn't actually require too much HubSpot-specific knowledge, but it would require a strong grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side scripting to implement. As such, creating such a counter may require the assistance of a developer.

The discussion above only covers how it's possible to get the number of contacts in a list, but not what to do with the number to populate a ticker on your landing page.