Displaying the order of the "Edit Modules" within the email template


Hi All,

I have created my own custom email template with several options using HubL with is working perfectly.

My question is, I have added several new features that are options when the user wants to create a newsletter. Its the ordering of the options thats causing me issues.

My HTML code is clean and the layout is in the order that user would like. Bit when you go into the editor the layout is random.

For example. I have an option to choose to have a border on your email or not, as well as images, CTAs, background colours etc, but the ordering of these images do not follow the code.

See attached screenshot.

Is there a way to organise the layout better? Or do I need to re-order my code?



Hi @Tony_Powell,

While regular modules are displayed in the sidebar in the order they appear in the template, HubL modules aren’t currently displayed in the sidebar in any particular order. While I’m not aware of any plans to change this functionality, if you have the inclination I would definitely encourage you to post your use case on the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community.


Thanks for the reply Derek