Divi Email Optin Module Not Pulling Lists


I am trying to integrate a HubSpot account to the Email Optin Module on Divi. I add the API from the HubSpot account, but it just continually says Fetching Lists and never populates any of the lists associated with this account. Has anyone had a similar issue or know how to correct it??? Thanks!


Hi @ljutic213,

To be up front with expectations, I may not be your best resource in this case, if there's an issue on Divi or Bloom's back end, but I'm happy to take a closer look.

Just to confirm, you've entered your HubSpot API key into the module's field per the Bloom instructions? What is your production account's Hub ID?


I believe I did it correctly. I selected HubSpot. It asked for account name and api. I put Parkview as the account name (the name on HubSpot is Parkview Christian Academy) and I put the api from this account. I've tried several times even using the full account name with no difference in the results.

I could use the code module, but the forms don't look good using this module. The email optin module pulls all the css through so the forms match the site. I just can't get the lists to load and it tells me there's an api error???

Any help is greatly appreciated. 4815994 is the HubSpot ID. Thanks!!!


Hi @ljutic213,

I believe you did it correctly as well! With your API key, I was able to pull all lists in your portal via this endpoint.

To troubleshoot further, we'll need to know which endpoint Bloom is using and what errors they're receiving. Can you share this information with their support?