Do objects support owner_id?


I’m having some difficulty with mapping our old CRM system’s leads to Hubspot (we currently use Insightly). In particular, I want to be able to map leads/contacts with the user who entered the data. We trigger outbound sends based on who entered the data, as salespeople entering leads need to trigger an automated report on their business, but an AE who enters a new “contact” doesn’t as they are already a client.

I don’t see any property on contact objects in the documentation for owner id, or source, or something that might allow me to accomplish what we do in other CRMs by having separate “leads” and “contacts”. This is blocking me from being able to import our data from Insightly. I do see owners in the API, and I’ve got the mappings of employees <-> owners API, but contacts don’t seem to have owners? In fact I can’t find any other references to owners except in the Owners objects themselves…


Hi @Chris_Wiegand,

The property hubspot_owner_id seems to be what you’re looking for. When you POST to /contacts/v1/contact to create a contact you can include the following within the properties list.

 "properties": [
          "property": "hubspot_owner_id",
          "value": "72"


Awesome, that certainly helps! Is it possible to get a list of properties available on the objects in the documentation? There could be all sorts of stuff I can’t see because it’s not in the documentation and until I have data in there I don’t know what I’m missing.