Document Automation Ideas?


Hi Guys,

I've been searching around for a solution for document automation tools but have not had much luck yet.

Currently, we used Yesware templates to create proposals etc., although there is no integration that can bring information over from Hubspot to Yesware. I've looked into Pandadoc, Hellosign, and Octiv - while the 2 former have integrations with Hubspot CRM, they have limited capability in regard to designing the template. Octiv does not integrate well with Hubspot. I've also dabbled with Proposify although their platform is really suited for proposals and not any other document automation.

All in all, I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to create a template (document, presentation, etc.), pull some information in from my CRM into pre-allocated fields, and allow me to manually input the rest of the information on a case by case basis, information that I would like to be a combination of open text fields and drop-down options (The drop-down feature was the holdback with Pandadoc, as they could not incorporate that into their template).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!



Hi @NCO,

I'm not aware of any existing integrations that check all of the boxes you mentioned. The closest one are the ones you've already mentioned above (Pandadoc, Hellosign, etc.). I'd love to hear if other community members have had luck with any other integrations!


Thanks Derek!
I've been digging around all over trying to find a solution for this - if you do come across anything relevant or connect with any other community members that have any idea's, please keep me posted.

Be well,