Does application support Microsoft Admin consent framework


Hi Development/Support Team,

I have a requirement to integrate HubSpot with our Office 365 tenant so that our users can use your application to integrate with our Office 365. To do this, we would require to register your app into our Azure AD Environment, so that it access required resources of our organization.

Our Environment is secured and restricted for registration and use any third party application unless those applications are developed considering the Microsoft Admin Consent framework.

Please let us know if your application support the Azure AD consent framework and if so please share the required consent URL which could possibly provide us information and help us to register your application in our environment.

Vaibhav Vishal


Hi @vaibhavintouch,

At this time, HubSpot Sales does not support the Azure AD multi-tenant application pattern.

If you want HubSpot to accommodate this type of setup in the future, however, please upvote and comment on this feature request according to these best practices.

The current workaround is to temporarily allow users to register applications (only as long as it takes for them to connect their inboxes). Then, you can restore the security setting.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Azure admin panel.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory from the left menu.
  3. Select User settings.
  4. Under App registrations, toggle User can register applications to Yes.
  5. Once all users have connected their inboxes to HubSpot Sales, repeat steps 1-4 but set the User can register applications toggle to No.