Does Developer Account require to Create Contact in HubSpot Via API?



Does Developer Account require to Create Contact in HubSpot Via API?
I have create account in HubSpot but the developer account not created.
In this case is possible to create contact in contact in hubspot via API?


Hi @Vinoth,

Yes, it is possible to create contacts in your production account without a developer account. You can authenticate your calls with the API key from your production account.


Thank You Issac.

Using the APi Key I can able to get the contacts in the Hubspot. However, I can't able to get all list in the Hubspot using the apikey. See below screenshot.

I have created a trail version. Is it, causing the permission issue?
If I use Produciton Paid version, the below things will work?

  1. Can i able to create lists in HubSpot via API?
  2. Can i assign contact to the list via API using apikey ?
  3. Can i use Wrokflow to trigger webhook?


Hi @Vinoth,

To create or modify lists through the API, you must have a paid Marketing Hub subscription (Starter, Basic, Professional, or Enterprise) or trial of a paid subscription. Workflow webhooks require a Professional or Enterprise-level subscription or trial.



All i want is developer account is must create lists, create or update contact in the Hubspot?


I have created account in HubSpot with email :
   i logged using the email and now do i need to developer account for creating lists? I don't see the List in the menu, see the below screenshot.

And without using a developer account, can I create a contact in HubSpot using OAuth2?


Hi @Vinoth,

To create or use lists, you must be using an account which has a Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise subscription or trial.

What is the Hub ID of the account in the screenshot?

You can create a contact in HubSpot with an API key even if you don't have a developer account, but you must have a developer account and app to use OAuth 2.0.


Thank You Issac,

Can I use a single developer account for multiple user account.

Example: Can user account B use the user account A's Developer account?

Something like Single Tenant?


Hi @Vinoth,

Developer accounts are completely separate from production accounts, so yes, you can use one developer account to create apps which are used in multiple production accounts.