Does Marketing Reporting exclude Customers?


Do the Marketing Reports for Visits and Contacts, exclude Customers?


@tzenderman They include customers. Here is our docs on how to read all of those reports.


If I’m making decisions about which marketing channels are working best, I don’t want my analytics reports to be filled with Customer activity though, right?

For example, from HubSpot’s perspective (as a business using HubSpot), it’s good to know what channels brought in new leads that generated engagement, and became customers. But once visitors become customers, why would HubSpot want to keep seeing customers’ tracking activity in their Analytics reports? Mixing over 20,000 customers’ activity with new leads would probably cloud the decision HubSpot makes when deciding “Which channels are bringing in leads? What is my CAC?, etc.”, or am I missing something?


@tzenderman It is within the time frame that you set. So a new lead in October would count as a contact in October but would not count as a contact in November or any month going forward. The analytics are not an aggregate but a snapshot in the time-frame you set the dashboard to.