Does the Chat message widget understand the HTML5 History API?


We're having an issue using the page targeting that comes with the Chat message widget - we've enabled chat to load on a certain subset of pages on our website, as shown in the screenshot below:

This works fine when loading the URL directly. However, our application is built using React, and uses React Router, and thus the HTML History API, to navigate between site pages. When navigating to the selected URL from another page on the site, the Hubspot snippet doesn't seem to correctly detect that the URL now matches the criteria for showing the chat widget, and it doesn't load.

Is this a limitation of the current Hubspot implementation? It would be great if the widget was aware of the History API and knew to load when a user navigated to the selected URL.


Hi @JonE, I'm not entirely sure if the History API is something that our Messages tool can detect, but would love to check out the behavior you're experiencing and see if I can reproduce or see if there are any similar cases like yours that had a resolution. Can you reply with:

  1. The link to where you're seeing this problem
  2. Your HubID.
  3. How I can reproduce the issue?