Domain blocked for bcc import function?


Hi there, hope this is the right place for this.
I would like to use HubSpot via the bcc function. But it seems like my email server is blocked from sending email.
I am sending emails from my company domain via Protonmail. Does anyone know if HubSpot is blocking certain domains?



Hi @andue, I'd say a better place to start would be Support if you are a paying user. They can more quickly identify the issue since they respond to webtickets in under 24 hours and calls in under 3 minutes. Our developer forum is more for questions on the HubSpot APIs and has an SLA of a first response in under 2 days. If your account is free, however, I can certainly help out here. My first inclination would be to check the Never Log List, or make sure to check that you meet the criteria listed in the section titled "Things to keep in mind when using the BCC address".