Doubt in Post method for retrieve all contact with "Teste" set in field Calling_list



Hi Everyone!

I am trying to retrieve all contact with filter calling_list with the word “Teste” setted in this field. I am using Post method to do it and Python programming language:

url = ‘

params = {‘offset’: ‘0’, ‘filterGroups’:[{‘filters’:[{‘Operator’:‘EQ’,‘property’:‘calling_list’,‘value’:‘Teste’}]}],‘properties’:[],‘sorts’:[{‘property’:‘createdate’,‘order’:‘DESC’},{‘property’:‘vid’,‘order’:‘DESC’}],‘query’:’’}

I receive this error
{‘status’: ‘error’, ‘message’: ‘This endpoint does not accept EXTERNAL hapikeys, and has no special allowances for this hapikey ("APIKEY"response =,params=params)). hapikey auth configuration for this endpoint: HapikeyAuthenticator{allows=INTERNAL}’, ‘correlationId’: ‘XXX’, ‘requestId’: ‘XXX’}

I need to know if I am using the wrong url or wrong method, params or if my API KEY is not working. I tried to get all contacts if the same APIKEY and it’s working.