Download via Hubspot API the File that is uploaded in Company Profile of Hubspot



Is it possible to download via hubspot API teh file that is uploaded in Company’s Profile in Hubspot?




It is interesting for me as well.
Can somebody help us?

According to this docs:
we can get JSON with information about file, also here are some links like url or alt_url,
but when I try to go this link I get 403 Forbidden.



Hi all,

Files that are attached to contact/company/deal records are set to be hidden, which means their public URLs will return 403 errors. Un-hiding the files will allow those URLs to work, but that’s generally not recommended since it allows these files to be publicly visible.


OK, what way is possible to download file like this (I mean hidden)?


Hi @kremenetskyi,

You can access the file via the HubSpot UI. Hidden files are not meant to be accessible outside of the UI, so I would recommend only working with these files via the UI wherever possible.

*Edit: Corrected; it isn’t possible to un-hide files

How to download file via API?


Is it possible to un-hide attached file via API?
Couldn’t find this option…


Hi @kremenetskyi,

I’m sorry for the confusion; after further investigation, I’ve discovered that my previous statement was incorrect. There isn’t currently any method to modify an existing file’s metadata, and therefore it’s not possible to un-hide a hidden file (I’ve corrected my previous response). The only way to access these files is through the HubSpot UI.


Thank you for your answer.
Probably in the future this option will be available.
I hope Hubspot API is still developing and more features will be done.