Download voice call recording over API




Is there a way to download recordings of voice calls over API? We see recordingUrl in the metadata section of the engagement object, but following this URL results in 404 error.



@Anton_Litvinenko If you were to follow that link it should bring you to a page that has the recording for you to listen to it. The screen will only have this on it.

As a quick background HubSpot leverages Twilio for their phone service on the platform.

This is the api call to twilio for us to listen to the recording which is how you can listen to it inside of HubSpot. The endpoint used provides a recording but does not provide a downloadable file from twilio to your desktop. You shouldn’t get a 404 error just copying and pasting the URL into your browser. If you wanted to download the file you would need to create a dev account on twilio and try and hit a different endpoint that would provide a file for you to download. However I am not sure how the authentication would work as it most likely lives on our account in twilio.

The short answer----------------->
You shouldn’t get a 404 error you should be able to listen to it.
You can’t download the recording at this time from that endpoint.



Thanks for the answer. But i still get the 404. Can you try checking recordingUrl on engagement with id 161709307 in portal 505489?



@Anton_Litvinenko Do you get 404s for all of your recordings or just this one?


I have only this one, because i was testing the feature.


@Anton_Litvinenko Can you try and add another one and do it?
I received a 404 as well with this. This shouldn’t be the case.


How can I find this URL?


Hi @Philljasmith,

It’s in the call engagement JSON: