Drilldown 1 = API <- How to get more information (not just API)


Dear Hubspot Developers,

Most of my new contacts get labeled as "Offline Source" and I want to create a workflow to change them to their real source, because most were not actually created by an "Offline Source".

I want to do it by using the "drilldown 1 source", but it is mostly just labeled as "API". How can I get more detailed information via the API?

Thanks for your support


Hey again, @mellow_guy.

Unfortunately, the Contacts API (which causes the API drilldown) does not provide any additional information other than what appears in the contact's properties.

If you've captured some other identifying information — such as a page URL — and stored it in a custom property, however, you could use this as the basis of your logic. You know your setup and what information you're passing better than I do, though.