Drop down in nav bar Act2 Neambo Hubspot


Hey, I am using Act2 Neambo hubspot template. And I am not able to find a way to change the drop down menu of the nav bar in it. It's not only the content I want to change. I want to change the layout/ design of the drop down. I have attached two screenshots , one is of the dropdown that we are using currently and second is of the desired dropdown we have to have in the nav bar.

I went to setting --> webpage--> navbar but I am not able to change the structure of the dropdown. Help me with this.


Hi @Abhishek_Sharma, from what it sounds like, you're looking to first update the content of the menu, and second, create a mega menu in HubSpot.

Your menu's links and text can be updated here: https://app.hubspot.com/settings/3906991/website/navigation/6490695575

To create a megamenu, however, is a bit more complicated and can be done in many ways. Things like CSS grid, plain CSS, JS, and other methods are available. This topic goes over how you might go about building out a megamenu which should be a good jumping off point: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Content-Design-Questions/How-do-you-build-a-mega-menu-in-HubSpot-CMS/td-p/199132