Duplicate design from a Hubspot account to another


Good afternoon,

I am looking to duplicate the design of the account I created to another account (to be created).
Indeed, my company as 7 subsidiary but before opening the account for each subsidiary we would like to know if it’s possible the create another account on the same model that the one we already created. So the people in the other subsidiary do not have to customize each properties like we did.

Thank you!


Hi @Marionatdjian,

When you ask about duplicating a design, are you referring to copying templates between portals? If so, that’s possible using the process detailed below. If instead you’re referring to copying contact/company/deal properties, then it is not possible to ‘copy’ that from portal to portal. You’ll need to recreate the same properties in each portal.


Hi Derek,

Thank you for your reply, in fact I already saw this article but I am using HubSpot Sales and, if I am not wrong this is only for the Marketing… Do you know how to do it with the Sales version?
And FYI yes I think I am trying to copy templates between portals, to give you an example:
I am working in the Food and Beverage industry, we are selling fine food to restaurants, so in my company page, I add the property “Michelin star” with a drop down list of 1 to 3 stars.
When the Vietnam office will open an account with HubSpot (separate from mine), I would like them to have directly this “Michelin star” property (but not the actual restaurant I created as he create his own), and all the other properties I designed to fit my clients and industry.

Let me know if you have any question,


Hi @Marionatdjian,

I understand; that’s actually not a part of a template, but rather a company property. These cannot be transferred between portals in the same way that COS templates can be. You’ll need to recreate the properties in your new portal (the Vietnam office’s portal). You could try to simplify this process by using the create a company property endpoint (see below) and re-using the same property JSON for each new portal.