Duplicate Disqus Comment Threads for the Same Blog Posts



I tried submitting the following question with HubSpot support, and they directed me to use this forum. It’s pretty straightforward - we want our Disqus comment box to recognize that URLs with additional parameters (utm codes, etc.) are the same page.

We have an issue relating to the Disqus implementation on our HubSpot blog properties. I understand Disqus is not a “supported” tool by HubSpot, but I believe you may be able to assist.

The issue we’re experiencing relates to additional parameters added to our blogs URLs. With each variation, a new Disqus comment box loads.

We need to pass each posts’ URL into the Disqus embed so that the Disqus widget knows they are the same URL.

I found this old HubSpot academy article and followed the instructions, but I am not convinced it is up-to-date.

What parameter can I pass into this.page.URL (https://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/472098-javascript-configuration-variables#thispageurl) so that we can fix our widget?


An example of two blog posts that load unique comment boxes:

For instance:

  1. http://blog.servicerocket.com/adoption/to-kill-or-not-kill-email-is-not-that-interesting?hsCtaTracking=88776498-0671-4f3b-a7a8-b0294baf9a14|2dbac1a6-f8ce-41d7-838c-9bae6a09a3ca&eid=49049371&ic=false&hsenc=p2ANqtz--PJ0wE0WcuGhgOp42vHRu6w4oGn1cxMcDihghOdgwhR4tPDYVRMc9ECDpS3H_91GXzPVwj1rfTGYkg6vU7blN6LA4ow&_hsmi=49049371#comment-3219621611


  1. http://blog.servicerocket.com/adoption/to-kill-or-not-kill-email-is-not-that-interesting