Duplicate entry in Template API


Hi, I'm experiencing this error when i'm trying to migrate or copy to portal a certain template using the COS Template API.

I can't find and delete the existing data that is causing the duplication of entry. any recommendation?

{"errors":[],"message":"A conflicting entry already exists in table. com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry 'generated_layouts/123456789.html-5110200-0' for key 'path_portal_deleted_at'","succeeded":false}


Hi @ken_netfluence, which endpoint are you using for this? I'm unaware of a documented endpoint that copies templates from portal to portal, only the one we have in-app


Hi @Connor_Barley i'm currently using the Templates API along with Pages API. anyways i already resolved it. it was just a duplicate name on template. i had to program and create a copy of the name with incremental value as a suffix.