Duplicate titles and Metas for pages. Can a customization be added?


Hello, many people use SEMRush and other tools like Moz to run site audits on their sites. A few of the issues I've seen in regards to HubSpot sites are directed towards duplication of items such as content, titles, and meta descriptions. Is there a way we can combat this?

One thing that I think is nice (which is used for WordPress) is the WP Plugin from Yoast as they give you options to build a title for each post type. This is something I think would be beneficial to have for people as you could add it in under the SEO & Crawlers tab in your settings. I have a mockup below for review.


Hey @ajlaporte,

These are great observations. At this time, there's no real way to "deduplicate" meta data on blog listing pages, author listing pages, and blog topic listing pages than what's outlined here.

I think your mockup is fantastic, though. Would you mind sharing on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum? Feature requests are more visible there and I want other users to get the chance to upvote and comment your post.

Share the link to your idea here and I'll upvote it as well!


Hey Issac, I added the idea to here:

I've also reached out to Nate Ciruolo and Lars Osterberg on this duplicate meta issues and they are working o ways to address this internally, then later expanding on this to allow for further customization.


Great post, @ajlaporte! I just upvoted it.

For others viewing this topic, please comment on this thread on the Ideas Forum with additional feedback.