Duplicated companies records with API




We imported companies records that were pre-existing in Hubspot having the same domain as the pre-existing one: Hubspot duplicated the records instead of merging the imported records with the existing ones having the same domain name.

Detailed description of what happened:

  1. Company with name A and domain name A exists in Hubspot

  2. Another Company B with domain B is created via API call (B has the same name and domain name as A)

  3. Instead of merging Companies A and B, Hubspot created two separate companies

How to avoid duplication?


Hi @Aliba,

I believe I was able to replicate this behavior in my own portal. Could you send me links to two company records where this happened?




Hi @Isaac_Takushi, any update on this?
Thank you,



Hi @Aliba,

Not yet, but I'm investigating further with my team. I appreciate your patience.


Hi @Aliba,

Thanks for your patience.

I've confirmed with the relevant product team that HubSpot only deduplicates imported company records. Companies created via the API are not deduplicated by the Company domain name property at this time. Apologies for the confusion surrounding this distinction. I'll have this article corrected.

This endpoint allows you to check for company records with a specific Company domain name value. You could add it to your app to programmatically deduplicate before creating new records with identical domains.