Dynamic pages with HubDb API



Is it possible to activate “Use for dynamic pages” checkbox for HubDB tables via HubDB API?


It’s not yet documented, but you can do a table update and put "useForPages" : true in the JSON body to enable dynamic pages for a table.


Thanks. Works perfectly.
But now I do not know how to set hs_name and hs_path in addRow. I tried to add hs_name: “abc” and hs_path: “abc” (on the same level as “values”) but the API simply ignores these.


The attribute names you want are “path” and “name”, so something like this:

  "path": "apath",
  "name": "name of row"
  "values": {
    "3": 7,
    "4": "New Row Text"

We’ll get our documentation updated shortly.