Dynamics CRM Integration



We are integrating our HubSpot forms into Dynamics CRM, however, we have a slight problem with the (non-required) field values that are populating in the CRM fields in the lead record. Let’s say the same person enters their information twice, the first time entering “HI” in the comments field, and the latest entry leaving out comments. When the second lead record (from the same person) transfers over to CRM, it contains the previously entered “HI” in the comments section. So, if the user leaves a field blank (and has already entered information in that particular field in the past), it always pulls the last entered value, and not the latest information (containing no value in this case). This is an issue because we cannot make every form field required (as a front end solution). In ScribeOnline, apparently a rule cannot be generated to leave fields blank when syncing information (if they are blank), because it is pulling information from the Contact record (HubSpot) and not the form. Is there a workaround for this?


Hi @company

We don’t have a way to get the form submissions directly, and any empty fields in a form submission will not update the contact property, but depending on the integration, it would be possible to tell if a property was updated by a form submission.

When you get the data for a contact through the API, there will be a section for form submissions, that will include the conversion-id for those submissions. You can use the conversion-id to find any properties updated by that submission (for a conversion-id of a-b-c-d-e, the source-id of the update will be “FORM_SUBMISSION (a-b-c-d-e)”), so after checking the properties that you need, you can also check the most recent conversion-id against the updates for those properties to only get property values updated by the last form submission.