Easier way to get all form submissions



I found this post which basically said that there is currently no api to get form submissions. One of the replies said you can either use webhooks or scrape the emails that the form submission sends.

However I noticed that each contact fetched with the Contacts API includes a form-submissions key that includes all the form submissions for that contact. So I was thinking that I could just fetch all the contacts from this api and programmatically filter by contacts who submitted the form that I need submissions for.

If I don’t want to use webhooks, isn’t this a better way to get form submissions than scraping emails? Is there anything wrong with this method?

Is there any better way?

Submission/landing page events
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Hi @Andrew_Keller,

It’s not currently possible to get the raw form submission data via the API. All the data from the form submission is used to update the corresponding contact properties, so in theory you could do as you said and get the relevant information by pulling the contacts using the Contacts API.

I might be misunderstanding your post, but your options depend on whether you’re looking to get the raw form submission, or the contacts that have submitted the form. If you could give me a bit more info on your use case, I’d be happy to go into detail regarding some workarounds.



Thank you for answering.

We have a hubspot landing page with two forms. We want to merge all form submissions within a certain time period and merge the results with some internal data for a report.

So I need to get values for form submissions that occured within a specific time period.

As a side note, I tried fetching all contacts to check the current property values and noticed that this takes a long time because of the number of contacts. Is there a method to shorten the amount of time it takes? If we could only get the contacts for our workflow or campaign, that might make it faster.


Hi @Andrew_Keller,

You can export the raw form submission data from the HubSpot UI, so if you need to get all form submission data for a particular time period from both forms, that might be the way to go. Otherwise, if you’re only trying to pull a certain subset of contact, you should consider creating a smart list and using the Contact Lists API to pull the members of that list (instead of pulling all contacts).