Ecom pipeline issue


HI there,

I am getting following error while i am trying authenticate my app with the hapikey. I have to install and setup ecom pipeline in my portal.

Uh oh!

Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator.


Hi @vishnuss,

That "Insufficient scopes" error connotes an OAuth-authenticated application rather than a custom integration using an API key.

Can you share a link to your developer account and confirm your app ID?

If you have created an OAuth app, you cannot and do not need to use this endpoint to install the Ecommerce Bridge settings into your account. Instead, all the necessary assets and settings will be installed when your OAuth integration is connected through this flow.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

My developer account is

App ID: 182506


Hi Any update om this??


Apologies for the delay, @vishnuss. I missed your response.

Thanks for sharing that information!

Because you have created this OAuth app, you cannot use this endpoint to install the Ecommerce Bridge settings into the desired account. As the article states:

Note: This endpoint is only required when using the ecommerce bridge with a custom integration using a hapikey. This should not be used for installed integrations using OAuth.

Your app's ecommerce settings and pipeline will automatically be added to any account where your app is installed. If you have not done so already, you can connect your app to a production account using this OAuth authentication process.