While trying to send a test Sync Message via the Ecommerce API, I received a SETTINGS_NOT_ENABLED error. Here is the message that came with it: "Sync settings 1041 not enabled for SyncKey{objectType=CONTACT, portalId=4009713, settingsId=1041, externalObjectId=test}"

From what I can tell from the docs, settingsId only comes into play with Imports, so why am I getting this error?



@andyk Great question, another developer has made it clear to me that the docs and errors need to be updated :slight_smile:

The SETTINGS_NOT_ENABLED is saying "The given Settings have enabled=false

settingsId is partially used for Imports, correct, but it's main purpose is to define sync mappings. Every sync message our system receives needs those mappings, so the sync message properties can be synced into the proper Hubspot properties.

Does that all make sense?