`Ecommerce Bridge application` vs `Ecommerce Bridge API with a HubSpot portal`


We're looking to integrate the eComm Bridge with our own Hubspot Portal. Is there a difference between developing an Ecommerce Bridge application versus using the Ecommerce Bridge API with a HubSpot portal?

I see that you need to install the eComm Bridge APIs on a portal to setup the Deal Pipelines, etc. unique to eComm Bridge.

After that, is it just an API integration if being developed for an individual portal?


Hi @mweber82,

The only difference is that for an Ecommerce Bridge App, the settings are all stored in the app settings, within a Developer Portal, and installation is the same as installing any other HubSpot app (see below).

Using the Ecommerce Bridge API with a single HubSpot portal involves using a separate installation endpoint, and upserting the settings to the portal itself (instead of a Developer Portal). The actually usage of the Ecommerce Bridge APIs are otherwise the same.