ECommerce Bridge - how to set association in between deals, contact, product?



According to the E-commerce Bridge documentation, We have installed and sync individual data successfully but for association, we are facing issue. We have tried to integrates big-commerce order to hubspot using eCommerce bridge.

  1. How we can associate specific contact to deal ? Because sync-messages response 204 only.
  2. How we can associate line item with deal and product ?
  3. Also we have tried to add product using /extensions/ecomm/v1/sync-messages/PRODUCT. It will create blank record in Product Library.

Do we need to call any other API for get value of hs_assoc__contact_ids, hs_assoc__deal_id, hs_assoc__product_id? Please help me for all association process in eCommerce-Bridge.


Warning: I am not the most qualified to answer but just want to help if I can.

IntegratorObjectID should be the key here.

From documentation:
For all objects synced via the Ecommerce Bridge API we store a mapping from integratorObjectId to the corresponding HubSpot ID. Upserts for the same integratorObjectId will update the same object in HubSpot. If the Ecommerce Bridge API sees a new integratorObjectId it will create a new object in HubSpot

As for the hs_assoc_deal_id and hs_assoc_product_id these are referenced as:

"External ID of the deal associated with this line item. A valid value for this property is required for the successful creation of a line item."

I would use the same ID you have used in the IntegratorobjectID.

To be honest I am still working through an integration myself but this is how I've understood the process.

Love to be guided in the right direction if this advice doesn't work for you.


@NickMontagu As per your suggestion, we have used IntegratorObjectID of contact in hs_assoc__contact_ids to associate contact with deal. But still contacts are not associated to deal.

If IntegratorObjectID for association worked for you than please guide us more for same.


Can you confirm that your contact, product and deal are all ecom synced (true)?

If so, how did you fix your issue#3 of products showing up as blank.


@NickMontagu Thanks for replay
Yes, In contact and deal ecom_sync is true but still they are not associated.

Can you please provide your working code demo.

For issue#3 still i am facing same issue.


I am experiencing the same issue. The API documentation does not seem not clear on what the "external ID" that goes in the "hs_assoc__contact_ids" field should actually be, and how it links to a contact.


Just confirming what was stated above, that integratorObjectId does not seem to correctly associate the objects when passed in this field


Hi All,

I am successfully associating contacts with Deals. Have you all added the following into your Ecom settings for deals:

"propertyName": "Contact ID",
"dataType": "STRING",
"targetHubspotProperty": "hs_assoc__contact_ids"


Hi All,

Just to update:

I've now been able to complete a full test of:

Line Item

All with association. I'm happy to jump on a call/webinar with anyone who is still stuck trying to get this resolved.


I think I got it working! In my deal property settings, I had the "propertyName" and "targetHubspotProperty" fields both set to "hs_assoc__contact_ids" for the sake of convenience, but I think this may have been creating a conflict of some sort. When I changed "propertyName" to "contactID" instead, it seems to be syncing this field as intended.


Congrats!!!! I know just how excited you feel right now.

@Dale_steyn How'd you go mate?


@NickMontagu Congrats for success and thank you for your support.

We have also done all things excerpt line-item, for creating a line-item must need sale-pro ?

When try to create line-item manually using below endpoint and error message below:

"message": "Must have scope DEAL_LINE_ITEM_WRITE",

Could you please help us in line-item for association with product and deal.


You need Sales Pro activated for line items :frowning:

(also for products)