ECommerce Bridge - sending close date using sync messages


I'm trying to set the value of the "close date" property on a deal using the Sync Messages API. In my sync settings I have configured it to be of type "DATETIME":

    "propertyName": "close_date",
    "dataType": "DATETIME",
    "targetHubspotProperty": "closedate"

First, is this the correct data type for sending close date? I notice that when I look at the close date deal property in Hubspot, it is actually registered as a single-line text field. Should I set the property settings to be "dataType": "STRING" to match?

Given that, what format should the data be in when sending this property over in a sync message?



That is the correct data type
The property type of closeDate is datetime, the input field is just a text box
You should send values in Epoch times, e.g. 1521209035000