Ecommerce Bridge settings not updating


I added a couple new properties to the data mapping in the ecommerce settings and updated the settings, but when I create Sync Messages with those new properties, they don't transfer. The new properties show up when I make a "Get ecommerce settings" request, and all the other properties update, just not the new ones. Is there sort of reset that I need to do?

The HubID is 4772490.


Hi @andyk,

How long after updating the settings are you sending sync messages? ECommBridge Sync Settings are cached, and if you have updated your ECommBridge Sync Settings and shortly after sent a Sync Message that contained some properties added during the update, the cache may have contained the old version of your ECommBridge Sync Settings, thus the new properties in the Sync Message being ignored.



I updated the settings 7 days ago, but the dealname and order_number properties still aren't coming through in the Deals Sync Messages.



UPDATE: The dealname and order_number started transferring to Deals properly today, but when I updated the Ecomm Settings to include lifecyclestage in Contacts, now Contact Sync Messages won't insert OR update any contacts. I made a Get Sync Errors call to see if I could tell what is going wrong, but it's returning a 'internal error' message.


Hi @andyk,

Couple of things here. First, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue getting sync errors. When I checked out the sync errors for your portal (Hub ID 4772490) I saw a number of contact errors related to a more specific invalid property value error; I won't include the entire error here, but here's the relevant info from one of the contacts:

Big Game, Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Predator was not one of the allowed options:

Unfortunately I wasn't able to infer precisely which property was refusing those values; do you have an idea for which property those are being passed to?

Side note; if you still run into issues after investigating the invalid property value issue above, it'd be super helpful if you could include the full raw sync message request you're making that doesn't function as expected.