Ecommerce Portal Showing error


I am using the custom app for ecommerce bridge api integration.
After successful authentication. I see that app was listed successfully in my installed app page.

But when I check Setting -> Integration -> Ecoomerce page
Then I am getting the error message.
"There was a problem importing your store data. Please contact support."
My portal Id is 4726393
Please help me to find out what I am missing there in my account.


@satya Sorry for the issues, i'll take a look into this tommorow and get back to you.


@satya Thanks for reporting this.

The ecomm app installed has importOnInstall set to false
Due to a bug on our side, we aren't recognizing that, and are trying to obtain the import status.
As a result, it blows up.

A fix will be in for this next week, apologies!


@Sean_Duane Thanks for finding out the reason behind it.
So no input needed from my side.
My eCommerce panel will be working fine automatically when you fixed issue at your end right.?


@satya That's correct, the settings page should load fine once the bug is fixed.