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It appears that the meta title tag cannot be changed for each blog post.

I have several blog posts that have long titles, where I need to change the meta titles to be shorter without changing the real blog title, as well as add some SEO to those.

How can this be done? Does anyone know?


You can edit the meta description at the bottom of the blog post editor.

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Meta title, not meta description


Hi @philipstorey,

The meta title is automatically set to the blog post title. You can customize this from the settings tab when editing the blog post in HubSpot.


Really? If that is the case do you mind sharing a screenshot of where that is on the page? The reason I ask, is because this is something that I raised at developer Day in November in Dublin and the only solution that I have been given so far requires some hand coding


Hi @philipstorey,

After reading my last post, I can see how it sounds like I was saying you could customize how the meta title is set. Apologies for that; the meta title is set to the blog post title, and that functionality cannot be changed. I meant that the blog post title is changed from the settings tab.

What you might consider doing it customizing your blog template using HubL to create a ‘public’ blog post title that is used for your actual blog post titles. You can then use the default title field for SEO purposes. It might look something like this:

{% text "blog_display_title" label='Set a unique post display title', export_to_template_context = True %}
{% if not content.widgets.blog_display_title.body.value %}
    <h1><a href="{{ content.absolute_url }}" id="hubspot-name" class="link hubspot-editable" data-hubspot-form-id="name" data-hubspot-name="Blog Title">{{ content.name }}</a></h1>
{% else %}
    <h1><a href="{{ content.absolute_url }}">{{ content.widgets.blog_display_title.body.value }}</a></h1>
{% endif %} 

Change browser title for a blog post

Great that there is a solution for this but it is really a bit of a hack. Strange this functionality is not in HubSpot COS already when it really is a basic and essential feature. Be keen to hear how other people have handled this and / or general thoughts on this?


Do we have any ideas when we will be able to change meta titles in the hubspot backend without this hack?


Is this still a thing? Trying to figure out a way to do exactly this.


How can this not be standard functionality? This is SEO 101 guys.

This should get sorted ASAP.

Greets from a disappointed Diamond partner :wink:


Still amazed that Hubspot won't let you have a different meta title and blog title(which shows up as the top header).

Agreed, this is SEO 101.


It's causing us so many problems with our own site, we're going to come off the COS and it's preventing us from putting any clients on the COS.... ridiculous


Is there any news to this?
I want to customize our blog template but I cant find the right place to do so. It seems the changes we do only reflects what a visitor sees on the frontend of the blog, but where is the settings where this piece of code should be inserted so that I get the extra field for meta blog title?


Hi @Maj_Nedergaard,
i did the same today and simply inserted it into the HTML in the template of my blog content. They will ask you to either edit post view or listing view. Choose Post view and insert the bit of code from above somewhere on top.
With this code you declare H1 new. This is why you need to remove any rules that are set for h1 in order to make the process work :slight_smile:


Thank you for explaining that! I'll try that :slight_smile: